September 28, 2023


kabanosy_4We are delighted to be able to offer kabanosy to our clients. Traditional Polish food, kabanosy are long, thin dry pork sausages. Like any Polish sausage, they are a treat. Smoky in flavor, they can be soft or very dry and pretty hard (but never as hard as beef jerky). We offer soft, medium, and dry kabanosy, to satisfy every craving. Our clients are particularly partial to dry kabanosy as they not only taste great, but make great hiking food. BTW: Some call them kabanossi, but either way, they taste great.





kananosy_3Traditionally, they can be 2 ft. long, though for ease of shopping, most kabanosy these days are 12 inch or less. As we mentioned, they are very thin, with a diameter less than ½ inch. Since they can be eaten cold, they are great as snack food, handy when travelling or hiking. They are easy to eat while walking, running, or simply taking a break. Traditionally, they would be folded between two pieces of bread, to make a sort of a sandwich that’s easy to handle while walking. Additional benefit for hikers is that kabanosy remain fresh much longer than other sausages, and being dry, weigh less as well.


kabanosy_2Kabanosy have a delightful aroma, but of course you can season them to your heart’s content. Traditionally, they were seasoned only with pepper, but it’s worth experimenting. They can be server as appetizers, often with cheese. But it’s also possible to make an entire meal around them – heat up your kabanosy, add some mashed or baked potatoes, cucumber salad, and you have a meal that tastes great and satisfies even the strongest hunger.




kabanosy_1Kabanosy can be heated up in boiling water for about 5 min or so, or can be thrown on a skillet ( for a quick meal, chop up kabanosy into small pieces, chop up favorite vegetables, add some oil and you are good to go). When you crave hot kabanosy and can’t wait – there is always the trusty microwave. Kabanosy can handle it all. So next time you are in the neighborhood, drop in and ask about kabanosy – you will be glad you did. For your convenience, we are open all week long, including weekends.