September 29, 2023

Polish Food in Bay Area

Polish sausageAt the European Market Deli and Cafe, we are big fans of Polish food. So we offer a wide variety of foods both imported directly from Poland, as well as made in the United States according to Polish recipes. If you like this page, bookmark  us, or you can also find us by searching yelp polish food.

Polish style food made in the United States

Polish foods made in the United  States include Polish sausage –  Krakowska.  We have Krakowska kielbasa made in Poland as well as made in the United States by the Pulaski company.  We also offer Poledwica Sopocka from Andy’s Deli.

Our twarog is made in California according to a Polish recipe – customers who lived in Poland say it tastes like the real thing.

If you love Polish bread, you will find that our locally baked bread is the closest thing to Polish bread you will find the entire Bay Area – it’s a wheat and rye bread, and our  customers can’t get enough of it.


Foods imported from Poland

Imports from Poland include such traditional Polish foods as pickles, jams, a variety of cheeses. We import Krakowska kielbasa, Polish bacon, and Polish ham.  Zur, sauerkraut, and other vegetables in jars are also imported from Poland.

Polish products

Polish products

We stock 7 flavors of Hortex fruit and vegetable juices, including cherry, black currant, and apple. Our imports also include poppy seed, and 4 flavors of “Ptasie Mleczko” (chocolate covered marshmallows) – these are greatly appreciated by our customers.

Naturally we have Piwo  Zywieckie (the world famous Żywiec beer), Okocim beer, sweets and candy too, including “krowki” and “Delicje“. If you wish to make your own treats, we offer wafers – “wafle tortowe”.

We have a kitchen on premises – and among the foods we make you will find  cabbage rolls – cabbage leaves stuffed with beef and rice combo – “golabki.”


Nalewka Babuni

Nalewka Babuni

Nalewka Babuni

We stock alcohol from Poland as well. In addition to the previously mentioned Zywiec beer, we have a wine or two to choose from.

And for those long, cold winter evenings, we imported Nalewka Babuni – sure to warm up after a dark and dreary winter commute. Whether celebrating with friends, or spending some quiet time with family, Nalewka Babuni will make it a special and memorable occasion.





Sauerkraut and Mushroom Pierogi

For the Christmas season, we have ordered traditional Polish Christmas treat – sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi and potato and cheese pierogi. They are pre-cooked, so they can be microwaved too. They are made by Crown Natural Foods, the same Hanford, CA  company that makes traditional Polish twarog – which our Polish customers rave about.

Our customers also like our hand-made meat pirozhki, while cabbage piroshki, and potato pirozhki come close second. While not strictly Polish food, they are a big hit with our customers. After being microwaved for about 25 seconds they will be ready to eat.


sauerkrautWe are constantly on the lookout for new sources of excellent Polish food. While on the West Coast it’s not an easy task,  from time to time we make a wonderful discovery and add another great Polish food to our product line.

Even though our Market offers foods from more than a dozen European countries, everywhere you look in our store, you will find Polish food – you could say we have a little Polish store inside our European Market.

We are open every day of the week, and if you want to order take out, call 510-889-1223.