September 28, 2023

Smoked Sturgeon

Smoked Sturgeon

Smoked Sturgeon

Smoked sturgeon (also known as smoked osetr) is regularly requested by our catering clients.
But you can get smoked sturgeon from us without ordering catered meals. Simply give us a call at 510-889-1223 and we will special order as many, or as few, as you like. It typically takes less than a week to get the sturgeon into the store, and we will call you when it‘s ready.

Smoked sturgeon can look truly impressive when served on a plate. It’s good to figure out how big the plates are, and order sturgeon of the right size. It’s a wonderful culinary and visual experience.

Sturgeon is a wonderful fish, it tastes great, but of course it’s best known for its caviar. Traditionally, “caviar” was the designation used for sturgeon roe from the wild sturgeon species living in the Caspian and the Black Sea. Unfortunately, due to over fishing, water pollution, and environmental controls, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get the Caspian Sea or Black Sea caviar. Various countries imposed restrictions on caviar exports and sturgeon fishing. Fortunately, there are substitutes that come close in taste, without the limitations of the geography and ravages of pollution. At the European Market Deli & Café, we offer the next best thing to the osetr caviar – the salmon caviar.


Applewood Smoked Duck

Our best seller is the caviar from Wild Alaskan Salmon – just as the fish itself is considered one of the safest fish to eat, since it lives in some of the least polluted waters on Earth, so the caviar from the wild Alaskan salmon is considered tastier and healthier than from the farm raised fish. Having said that, we do offer caviar from farm raised salmon as well, as some of our customers prefer the taste, and they like the bonus of lower prices.

Other smoked foods include smoked duck and  smoked chicken.

If you are interested in ordering a smoked sturgeon or want to know what caviar we currently have in the store, give us a call at 510-889-1223.