September 28, 2023

Russian Tea

Teas of the World

Our selection includes not only Russian tea, but over 100 teas from around the globe. You can find traditional black tea from Ceylon, German herbal teas, and a variety of fruit teas from Poland, to name just a few.

Russian Tea

We offer a wide selection of Russian teas. Every day you can find Hyleys Russian tea. We have plenty of green tea and chamomile. We carry Russian royal tea – Czar Nicholas II, Czrina  Alexandra. Drop in and peruse our Russian teas – you will not be disappointed. While you are at it, you may want to check out our Russian food section.

German Tea

Our German offering – Teekanne tea – has been around since 1882. We offer  a selection of herbal and fruit flavor teas. Check out chamomile, mixed fruit, rosehip and hibiscus flowers, raspberry, forest fruits, black currant with a lemon, fruit kiss, eight herbs, and peppermint teas.

Ceylon Tea  aka  Sri Lanka Tea

Naturally, we also offer teas from the famous Isle of Ceylon. The Island of Ceylon, today known as Sri Lanka, has a three thousand year history, and is a source of tea and cinnamon (which is native to the island). We import premium Czar Nikolas II Ceylon tea, St.Valentine tea, green tea, nostalgia, Russian, premium Russian gold, Renaissance, aristocrats, and mirage teas.

For the lovers of black Ceylon tea, we bring Princess Noori – lemon flavored, cherry flavored, and strawberry flavored teas.

Sri Lanka Impra tea selection includes traditional, well known tastes – Green Tea, English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Earl Grey, as well as some of the more exotic flavors like Jasmine Green. If you cannot make up your mind, you can pick up a tea gift pack of eight flavors – flavored tea collection, green tea collection, magical dreams, pure Ceylon.

Polish Herbal and Fruit Teas

Making herbal teas has been a Polish tradition for hundreds of years. We offer teas from Natura Malwa – wisionwa (cherry), owoce lesne (forest fruit), porzeczka , owocowa, dzika roza, malinowa (raspberry), brzoskwiniowa (peach).

From Herbapol  Lublin, which  makes herbal and fruit teas, as well as syrups, we offer Forest tea, rosehip, kwiat lipy, raspberry, and multi-fruit.

If you like your tea with syrup, we offer Polish syrup made of rosehip, as well as raspberry syrup. We may have other flavors as well,  but their availability may be limited, or seasonal. A nice addition to your afternoon would be a selection from our Polish food section – Torcik Wedlowski – wafer with peanut filling in dark chocolate with white chocolate decoration.

Other Teas

We offer many other teas, though our biggest selection is Ahmad tea – rosehip and cherry, black currant, apricot, raspberry, peach and passion fruit, lemon and lime, mango, mixed citrus orange and lemon, Apple, strawberry, English afternoon, Earl Grey, Ceylon, English breakfast, Jasmine Green tea, original green tea, Earl gray green tea, mint green tea, lemon green tea, evening decaf, Earl Grey decaf to name just a few. We also offer Darjeeling tea.

If you like tea, come visit and discover new flavors and aromas.